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Improper Installation: Factor That Causes Premature Wearing Of Netting

“We recently received a call from a site in California requesting a site visit. They had called the office and stated that the netting they had contracted for installation less than 3 years ago was wearing prematurely and requested a site visit to assess the situation.  We had visited this site prior to this installation, […]


Happy New Year

To our valued customers and friends: The year 2020 will most definitely go down in history and a year we all will not soon forget. That being said and despite all of the challenges we faced, we hope that 2020 was a successful year for you and your organization. With all the ups and downs […]


Holiday Message

Though this has been a challenging year by numerous measures, there are still many reasons to be grateful, optimistic, and hopeful. Here at Judge Netting, we have always measured our success by the health, happiness, and success of our employees and customers.  Our first order of business at every staff meeting is “the good of […]


What Does Judge Netting Do?

From humble beginnings… Sometimes it seems like there isn’t anything Judge Netting can’t do, which begs the question “What does Judge Netting do?”  The answer may surprise you.  Our humble beginnings and the journey to becoming “the undisputed barrier and netting construction and maintenance contractor in the Western United States” is one of the legends […]


We Value Our Customers

In light of current events, now might be a good time for us to revisit one of our core values,  “We value our customers”. The word value can mean different things to different people.  When Judge netting says “We value our customers”, we mean that we value your trust in us, your time and effort […]

extend the life of golf netting or sports netting

What Can I Do To Extend The Life Of Our Netting?

“What can I do to extend the life of our netting?” This question is often asked, especially by Superintendents and other maintenance personnel. It’s a great question, and although our netting barriers are designed and engineered to withstand the pressures of wind, rain and sun, no netting will last forever. If neglected, net can show […]

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What JudgeNetting Clients Have To Say

One of our core values is “We value our customers.” We can say without equivocation that is absolutely true! The reasons from a business perspective are obvious. No customers, no business, pure and simple. Furthermore, ours is a very unique business, and therefore our customers literally drive our marketing campaign. We don’t do any advertising […]

Judge Netting Barrier Specialists: The grass is green on a golf course with netting barriers.

When Should I Replace the Netting at our Facility?

When should we replace our existing golf netting or sports netting? This is an important question and should be considered carefully and adequately budgeted and planned for. Based on our decades of experience and our close relationship with our customers, all netting (and in some cases cable and hardware) should be replaced from one to […]

Judge Netting Barrier Specialists: A construction site with several poles and barrier netting in the dirt.

Types of Poles In Netting Barrier

What type of poles should you use for your project? This is a frequently asked question when we meet with a new customer regarding barrier retention netting. Interestingly enough, there are several options available when selecting pole types for your barrier, and we will discuss them as they relate to the four most important factors […]

Judge Netting Barrier Specialists: A barrier netting used as a litter containment barrier.

Why Materials Matter: Constructing Barriers that Last

Just like no two golf courses or landfills are the same, the same holds true for the netting structures that support them. Constructing a barrier can be a large expense, and it is tempting to skimp on the raw materials. However, it is exactly because your netting barrier is such a large investment, that it […]