What Does Judge Netting Do?


From humble beginnings…

Sometimes it seems like there isn’t anything Judge Netting can’t do, which begs the question “What does Judge Netting do?”  The answer may surprise you.  Our humble beginnings and the journey to becoming “the undisputed barrier and netting construction and maintenance contractor in the Western United States” is one of the legends in the industry. Dan Judge and his wife Janet formed Judge Construction in 1996 and Incorporated and changed our name to Judge Netting Inc. in 1999. Dan has worked in construction since his Junior year in high school building fences until Dan entered the Mountain States Line Constructors Lineman apprenticeship program in 1977. Dan became a Journeyman Lineman in 1981. 

After building both overhead distribution and transmission lines for 20 years, Dan and Janet started our great company, Judge Construction incorporating the fencing and power line construction experience and skills to build netting structures, tension cables, and fit and hang netting. We started with a used boom and tool truck, and our two sons working along with Dan on most early projects.  Dan’s first experience in the netting field was at the Saddleback College Driving range.  At the time, this range was one of the busiest on the west coast, serving both the public and the college golf school.  The netting consisted of the largest netting canopy in the country (440,000 square feet on the top, and vertical netting on both sides). 

Here are just a few of the many things at which we excel: 

  • Tie Back and backstop baseball netting systems. 
  • Horizontal and canopy structures. 
  • Farming logistics and dust control.
  • Golf barrier netting and structures from 3’ to 180’ tall.
  • Demolition, remediation, and disposal of all types of aerial towers, poles, and other structures.
  • Temporary netting and movable litter barriers.
  • Blasting and painting of existing poles.
  • Structural reinforcement of aerial structures. 
  • Scoreboard and grandstand protective netting. 
  • Wind reduction barriers. 
  • Aerial man-lift services up to 195’ with Judge Netting Owned and maintained equipment. 
  • Crane service to 38 tons. 
  • Power, light, bird perch, and other customized and fabricated poles. 
  • Demonstration show netting including netting, turf, mats set up, and removed nationwide. 
  • Bird and other wildlife containment and exclusion netting. 
  • Industrial and other pond cover netting. 
  • Helicopter and other remote access installation and demolition. 
  • Drilling to 30’ 
  • Specialized long load-hauling to 130’ including self loading-unloading rigs. 
  • Security enclosures and defense-related and helicopter exclusion barriers. 
  • Contraband exclusion netting for correctional facilities. 
  • Emergency structure stabilization. 
  • Security and construction surveillance poles.
  • And dozens of other services. 

Since our humble beginnings, we have grown to be the premier contractor in our field. In a nutshell, we construct, maintain, engineer, and design netting and related structures for golf, sports, landfill, environmental, dust containment, and avian exclusion applications. 

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