This is the single most common question asked regarding golf and sports netting. Every situation is unique, which is why we like to meet with the customer on-site to provide recommendations and listen to the customer’s ideas. We also provide input on what has worked for our previous customers, to help determine a site specific design. Typically golf and sports barriers vary in height from 20 to 160 feet. Judge Netting provides free estimates with multiple height and design features to assist our clients in choosing the best option for their needs and budget. Factors affecting height include wind speed, city codes and restrictions, type of ball used, safety concerns, etc. We can apply our experience with other similar facilities and develop several options. Frequently we work closely with a specialized consultant to provide a professional, scientific ball trajectory study, if necessary.


Due to numerous varying factors, pricing is specific for each project and we are unable to provide any kind of standardized pricing (i.e. per foot). The wind speed for your geographic location, soil conditions, permitting and engineering requirements, and most importantly netting height all impact the cost of a new barrier. Specific information needed for an estimate include the following:

  • The purpose of your barrier (golf, baseball, dust, trash, etc.)
  • Approximate dimensions- linear feet & height
  • Preference for wood or steel poles
  • Will you require structural engineering
  • Any permitting requirements, if so would you like us to provide that service
  • Target installation date

We use a high strength UV treated custom manufactured polyester netting carrying a 6 year full value warranty. Poles are always set to withstand the anticipated load demands. Our netting supplier has never had a warranty claim on their netting. The netting is custom fabricated for each job, with 3,500 lb. rope sewn in vertically, horizontally, and around the perimeter of each panel. The net always fits tight and is supported vertically, laterally, and horizontally to increase longevity and prevent billowing. Our supplier has over 30 years of experience and is the recognized leader in the industry.

Steel poles are coated with a STRYK 5388 anti-corrosion system (three coats) and are engineered to the required specifications.

Judge Netting is a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor with installations in 11 western states.

We always exceed customer expectations with the ultimate in quality craftsmanship and installation techniques. We have over 30 years of experience in our field. Our experience, coupled with integrity and the highest ethical standards, will insure our customers receive the utmost in customer satisfaction and the finest quality installation available in North America.


We recommend steel poles for demanding golf, sports, and commercial applications. We have constructed poles up to 160′ tall, and the overwhelming majority of our customers prefer steel poles for strength, durability, and in most cases cost efficiency. Judge Netting uses extra high strength galvanized guy wire, 20,000 lb. galvanized earth anchors, and heavy duty galvanized steel hardware. The combination of our advanced construction techniques coupled with exacting engineering and design requirements provide the support system necessary for demanding applications.

Let us provide a free consultation and estimate to determine what barrier design makes sense at your site.


There are specific times when a site visit is not necessary for a quote, but we recommend a site visit whenever possible.  This allows Judge netting to check out things like access, working conditions, existing barriers & netting and take photos and surveys of the area of work.  Things like power lines, trees, shrubs, concrete paths, hill slopes, access issues, existing barriers or buildings all play a role in determining the overall cost of the project.  At Judge Netting we use some fairly large equipment, and we want to make sure we can access the work site safely and without damaging and course or facility concrete, sod, underground piping, etc.