Extending the Life of Your Netting: Know the 7 Warning Signs

Although netting barriers are engineered to withstand the erosive pressures of wind, rain and sun, unfortunately no structure will last forever. Without proper daily care, regular maintenance, and the occasional repair, the likelihood that your netting will need a costly overhaul sooner rather than later increases dramatically. Avoid the headache and frustration of a ruined netting barrier by learning to recognize the warning signs that your netting is due for maintenance:
  • Excessive billowing, bagging, or movement in the netting: Many structures are designed to withstand extreme wind conditions, and depending on the weather, a minimal amount of netting movement is to be expected. However, the netting structure should remain relatively taut and integrally consistent.
  • Disconnected ropes and broken cables: If the ropes or cables are disconnected from the netting, poles, or both – it is time for them to be replaced. The longer they remain disconnected, the more likely it is that other parts of your netting structure will become damaged.
  • Discoloration: Sprinklers and other water sources are often the culprit for discolored netting, but sun damage may also be responsible. Early treatment will extend the overall life of the netting.
  • Holes without signs of abrasion: Accidents happen, and sometimes a weedwhacker or rogue ball picker can snag a net. However, if you begin to find holes without any sign of impact, it is a warning sign that the structural integrity of your netting is growing weak and needs attention.
  • Poor netting cohesion: Likewise, if you can pull your netting apart by hand between the holes, it might be time for a replacement. Netting cohesion should be strong enough to continue functioning as an effective barrier.
  • Excessive rusting: Rust is unavoidable with any outdoor structure, and a minimal amount doesn’t necessarily indicate a larger problem. If you are unsure whether the volume of rust on your poles requires attention, contactJudge Netting and we will happy to advise you.
  • Obvious pole movement: If your netting poles are visually swaying or moving in the wind, it is a sign that the foundation of your structure needs immediate attention. Contact Judge Netting right away to avoid a costly collapse of your netting barrier.
If you are concerned about any of these warning signs, schedule a consultationtoday with Judge Netting. Preventative maintenance will not only bring you peace of mind, but save you expensive repairs down the road. Our team will work with you quickly and efficiently to find the most cost-effective solution for any of your barrier needs.
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