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Outdoor cricket training nets alongside a pathway, with high sports netting and lush green grass.

What Can I Do To Extend The Life Of Our Netting?

“What can I do to extend the life of our netting?” This question is often asked, especially by Superintendents and other maintenance personnel. It’s a great question, and although our netting barriers are designed and engineered to withstand the pressures of wind, rain and sun, no netting will last forever. If neglected, net can show […]

Tall, thin vertical panels installed in a line at a park near a commercial building, under a cloudy sky, used as golf netting.

When Should I Replace the Netting at our Facility?

When should we replace our existing golf netting or sports netting? This is an important question and should be considered carefully and adequately budgeted and planned for. Based on our decades of experience and our close relationship with our customers, all netting (and in some cases cable and hardware) should be replaced from one to […]

Construction site with tall vertical poles and scattered equipment, set against a backdrop of a sandy terrain and golf netting under a clear sky at dusk.

Types of Poles In Netting Barrier

What type of poles should you use for your project? This is a frequently asked question when we meet with a new customer regarding barrier retention netting. Interestingly enough, there are several options available when selecting pole types for your barrier, and we will discuss them as they relate to the four most important factors […]

A sunny landscape featuring a golf course with lush green grass, surrounded by palm trees and cacti, with mountains in the background, protected by industrial netting.

Why Golf Netting is Expensive?

“It’s only a Net,” why in the world is it so expensive?   This seemingly logical question from a potential customer is one we are frequently asked, after a site visit and submission of a no cost formal proposal and contract.  Hopefully, this blog post will clear up what is a common misconception about the […]

An outdoor sports field with a large green artificial turf area surrounded by sports netting and trees under a clear sky.

Benefits of Golf Netting System Installation

Golf netting systems are quite important in keeping the golf balls within the range play, preventing any damage to spectators and nearby properties from the potential damage the errant golf balls can cause. That is why hiring golf netting California experts are of great necessity to engineer and install safe and durable golf nets to […]

A chain link fence with mounds of litter caught in industrial netting, set against a clear sky.

Everything You Need to Know About Landfill Netting

Last month we discussed the cost and design of golf and sports barrier netting. We would now like to take a few minutes to discuss landfill netting and what is involved in building, engineering, and designing a landfill (or litter retention) barrier netting. The major difference between landfill barrier netting and golf and sports netting […]

Judge Netting - Why Materials Matter: Constructing Barriers that Last - Installation & Maintenance

Why Materials Matter: Constructing Barriers that Last

Just like no two golf courses or landfills are the same, the same holds true for the netting structures that support them. Constructing a barrier can be a large expense, and it is tempting to skimp on the raw materials. However, it is exactly because your netting barrier is such a large investment, that it […]

Judge Netting - Is your golf netting prepared for windy season? - Installation & Maintenance

Is your golf netting prepared for windy season?

For most of us, the beginning of fall marks cooler weather, falling leaves, and the end of daylight savings time.  It also marks the beginning of windy season; and for the owners of golf courses and athletic fields that means it’s time to give your sports netting a yearly check-up. High winds can quickly damage […]