When Should I Replace the Netting at our Facility?

When should we replace our existing golf netting or sports netting? This is an important question and should be considered carefully and adequately budgeted and planned for. Based on our decades of experience and our close relationship with our customers, all netting (and in some cases cable and hardware) should be replaced from one to 2 years prior to its reaching the disintegration stage.  Then the question is, when will the netting reach disintegration stage?  In general, when holes start to appear in the middle of netting panels (where there is nothing for the netting to wear on) or if the net can be torn easily with your bare hands, it is reaching the end of its life. As abrasion and UV degradation are the two major causes of netting deterioration, when holes start to appear without any apparent source of abrasion, the UV treatment is usually broken down so severely that the sun will then actually rot the netting fibers.


Although netting can be patched and repaired to extend the life of the netting for up to 5 additional years till it is no longer repairable, this strategy is fraught with potential problems. The danger in delaying replacement is the significant possibility of a major wind event taking the netting out completely, leaving the range (or a hole) unusable.  Although Judge Netting stocks a large inventory, most taller netting is custom fabricated and can take 4 to 6 weeks to deliver. This can cause significant loss of revenue while waiting for delivery of replacement netting. There is also a good possibility that major storms have damaged other facilities in the area, further delaying installation of the replacement netting, as a good netting contractor will be very busy, especially during the winter months. Although insurance companies are usually amenable to paying business interruption claims, these claims are frequently pro-rated based on the age and condition of the net when the storms occur. Furthermore, the cost of installation can nearly double on an emergency basis, particularly when Prevailing wages apply.  


We highly recommend replacement on a scheduled basis in lieu of repairing and risking a costly emergency replacement. As always, a site visit to assess the condition of your netting, cables, and poles is always free with Judge Netting and a complimentary quotation and honest recommendation will follow shortly after our introductory meeting. Whether you are fortunate enough to have had our professionals at Judge Netting install your netting or in need of replacement of your golf netting or sports netting installed by others, we look forward to meeting with you in person and assessing the condition of your existing barrier!

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