Why Materials Matter: Constructing Barriers that Last

Just like no two golf courses or landfills are the same, the same holds true for the netting structures that support them. Constructing a barrier can be a large expense, and it is tempting to skimp on the raw materials. However, it is exactly because your netting barrier is such a large investment, that it is important to construct it with materials built to last. Weather-treated poles and fabric will prevent your barrier from corrosion and extend its lifespan for many years -saving you both time and money in the long-run.

If you find yourself making a cost-benefit analysis trying to decide whether to purchase higher quality materials or save on your overall project, the good news is that you can have both. Judge Netting has been constructing sports netting and industrial barriers for over 17 years, and along the way we’ve established superb relationships with our suppliers. We take great pride in our workmanship, and pass our savings onto our customers. The result is that every project we install is built with only the highest quality materials available. Whether your site must withstand sun, wind, or rain, our UV-treated netting and poles will stand the test of time.

Best of all, did you know that Judge Netting offers free consultations? Contact us today to learn more about what materials we recommend for your specific project.