Is your golf netting prepared for windy season?

For most of us, the beginning of fall marks cooler weather, falling leaves, and the end of daylight savings time.  It also marks the beginning of windy season; and for the owners of golf courses and athletic fields that means it’s time to give your sports netting a yearly check-up. High winds can quickly damage already worn or tattered netting, and if your poles are weak from weather damage they run the risk of collapsing.

Much like HVAC companies in the heat of summer, Judge Netting receives many calls during the autumn season from clients requesting emergency services for their netting barriers. Often times the severity of the damage could have been prevented with a little bit of regular maintenance. By reinforcing the structural integrity of weakened poles, or repairing netting tears before they become large holes, a golf netting barrier can continue to perform without any need for major service.

Save yourself from expensive repairs, possible closures, and massive headaches. Be proactive and perform a quick assessment of your netting structure before the winds kick up. Contact Judge Netting if you would like a complimentary on-site meeting to discuss maintenance, repair, or replacement services.  We provide the highest quality, longest-lasting barrier and netting solutions to our clients – quickly and efficiently, and we are the undisputed leader in the western U.S. Our netting is still standing after years of wear and weather, and lifetime costs are lower than any competitor.