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Overcast sky above the vibrant green fairway of Spring Valley Golf Course, with tall safety netting posts lined up along the slope.

Spring Valley Golf Course Safety Netting

Client: Spring Valley Golf Course Location: 3441 Calaveras Rd. Milpitas, CA 95035 Netting Type: Golf Safety Netting At Judge Netting, we recently embarked on an ambitious project at the Spring Valley Golf Course, located in Milpitas, California. Our mission: to install state-of-the-art driving range safety netting barriers, complete with a durable chain link base and [...]
Sunset view of Springhill Suites hotel with industrial netting and people on a grassy area, with distant mountains under a clear sky.

Green Spring Golf Course

The hotel adjacent to the golf course was concerned about golf balls and the safety of their guests and employees. They hired Judge Netting to install over 500 feet of netting, 50 feet tall.

A safety net, designed for golf netting, borders a grassy area with sparse snow patches, overlooking rolling hills under a clear blue sky.

Mountain Dell Driving Range

Mountain Dells driving range in Utah was showing a lot of wear and tear over the years from the elements. We removed and replaced all of the netting on the driving range.

Outdoor batting cage with sports netting and green turf, set against a cloudy sky and residential backdrop, with a person standing nearby.

Dos Lagos Golf Course Corona California

Owners of this club decided a few years ago to use a local fence company to install their warm up cage. When the cage became an eyesore and the netting deteriorated quickly, they called on Judge Netting to re cable and fix up the net. Judge Crews professionally and properly replaced and tensioned the cable […]

Judge Netting Barrier Specialists: A group of chairs are set up on a golf course, surrounded by sports field netting barriers.

San Gabriel Country Club

The crew did a beautiful job on this Driving Range protective netting for the San Gabriel Country Club! With its gently sloping terrain, views of the San…

Tall, thin vertical panels installed in a line at a park near a commercial building, under a cloudy sky, used as golf netting.

Diablo Creek Golf Course

We are proud to have completed another beautiful installation golf range netting, while protecting the course from possible litigation from nearby neighbors…

Construction site with tall vertical poles and scattered equipment, set against a backdrop of a sandy terrain and golf netting under a clear sky at dusk.

Wynn Golf Club

Wynn resorts did not have room for a full driving range after the old Desert Inn Golf Course was reconfigured. We worked with Wynn Development representatives…

Large empty batting cage surrounded by green mountains in a grassy field, with a bench and industrial netting barricades nearby.

Aliso Creek Golf Course

Client: Aliso Creek Golf Course Location: Aliso Creek, CA The beautifully scenic, Aliso Creek Golf Course has a new addition: A new & improved driving range from Judge Netting! Before: After:

Reflective sound barrier wall beside a road with images of palm trees and a grassy hill mirrored on its surface, enhanced with industrial netting for added durability.

Golfer’s Paradise

Installed six extensions and additional golf netting on existing driving range wood poles. Tapered netting down to adjacent poles, where necessary…