Brentwood Country Club

Judge Netting starting working with Brentwood Country Club on this project in 2004. The club approached Judge Netting for a solution to the errant ball problem along Burlingame and San Vicente Boulevards. Although a few of the affected neighbors supported the project for safety reasons, the West Los Angeles neighborhood community committee was vigorously opposed. Judge assisted the club in retaining a ball trajectory expert and provided cost estimates for several scenarios, including enclosing the range. Judge also provided professional testimony and numerous commission and committee hearings and provided mock ups and actual samples of materials including steel pole exhibits. Judge also worked with the club on compromise proposals and ideas to help secure neighborhood approval. These included landscaping proposals, painting and straightening of existing poles (installed by others) removal and replacement of unsightly existing wood poles and extensions. Judge provided engineering and assisted in permit acquisitions with the City of Los Angeles and provided timely maintenance on the existing barrier pending approvals. Under strict time constraints, Judge constructed the project self-performing all work including demolition, haul off and disposal, painting, chain link fencing and gates, erection of poles and foundations, plumbing of existing steel poles, cabling, and of course netting. Judge also worked alongside and coordinated with the general contractor and superintendent on the rest of the driving range improvements. Judge also provided coordinated special inspection, inspection, plan check correction, planning and zoning, and other approval for the City of Los Angeles. This concluded an arduous 10 year approval process and was without question from start to finish one of the most difficult and complicated projects on the west coast of the United States!

Client: Brentwood Country Club of Los Angeles

Location: Los Angeles, CA