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Golden hour sunlight bathes the University of Berkeley baseball field, highlighting the curve of safety netting and the surrounding stadium infrastructure.

University of Berkeley- Baseball Stadium Backstop & Netting

Client: UC Berkeley Location: Frank Schlessinger Way. Berkely, CA 94720 Netting Type: Backstop & Safety Netting Duration: 2 weeks Spectator Experience and Safety At Judge Netting, we are proud to have completed a significant upgrade to the baseball stadium at the prestigious University of California, Berkeley. Our project involved the removal of an old, multi-pole [...]
Overcast sky above the vibrant green fairway of Spring Valley Golf Course, with tall safety netting posts lined up along the slope.

Spring Valley Golf Course Safety Netting

Client: Spring Valley Golf Course Location: 3441 Calaveras Rd. Milpitas, CA 95035 Netting Type: Golf Safety Netting At Judge Netting, we recently embarked on an ambitious project at the Spring Valley Golf Course, located in Milpitas, California. Our mission: to install state-of-the-art driving range safety netting barriers, complete with a durable chain link base and [...]
An industrial site with piles of wood chips, metal constructions, and industrial netting covered storage areas under a cloudy sky.

Weyerhauser, Columbia Falls, MT.

Our customer Weyerhauser called us to replace some damaged dust screen panels at their Medium Density Fiberboard plant in Columbia falls, MT. It was a challenging job because of the inclement weather, but the customer was very pleased with the end product.

An outdoor batting cage with industrial netting setup in a mountainous park area, featuring nearby benches and yellow barricades.

The Ranch at Laguna Beach

The Ranch at Laguna Beach had a very old driving cage and limited room. Judge netting was able to expand the space and install a driving cage that will last for generations to come.

Sunset view of Springhill Suites hotel with industrial netting and people on a grassy area, with distant mountains under a clear sky.

Green Spring Golf Course

The hotel adjacent to the golf course was concerned about golf balls and the safety of their guests and employees. They hired Judge Netting to install over 500 feet of netting, 50 feet tall.

A safety net, designed for golf netting, borders a grassy area with sparse snow patches, overlooking rolling hills under a clear blue sky.

Mountain Dell Driving Range

Mountain Dells driving range in Utah was showing a lot of wear and tear over the years from the elements. We removed and replaced all of the netting on the driving range.