Spring Valley Golf Course Safety Netting

Client: Spring Valley Golf Course

Location: 3441 Calaveras Rd. Milpitas, CA 95035

Netting Type: Golf Safety Netting

At Judge Netting, we recently embarked on an ambitious project at the Spring Valley Golf Course, located in Milpitas, California. Our mission: to install state-of-the-art driving range safety netting barriers, complete with a durable chain link base and an innovative ball wash vestibule entryway. This project was not only a testament to our commitment to safety and quality, but also a showcase of our ability to tackle challenging terrains and weather conditions.

A maintenance vehicle parked beside the protective netting on a paved path at Spring Valley Golf Course with overcast weather and lush green terrain
Wet concrete pathway leading to a green grassy hill with a person standing beside tall safety netting at Spring Valley Golf Course on a cloudy day

Challenging Terrain, Innovative Solutions

The Spring Valley Golf Course is known for its steep, hilly terrain, presenting a unique set of challenges for our team. Our project coincided with a period of wet weather, adding another layer of complexity. However, our expertise in handling diverse and difficult landscapes allowed us to turn these challenges into opportunities for innovation.

We employed heavy-duty field protection to ensure the safety of our workers and the integrity of the golf course. Our approach was methodical and strategic, setting up a game plan that prioritized safety without compromising efficiency. This careful planning and execution were crucial in navigating the project to its successful completion.

Overcast sky above the vibrant green fairway of Spring Valley Golf Course with tall safety netting posts lined up along the slope

Net Size: Custom dimensions tailored to each floor’s perimeter

Netting Material: UV treated polyester with addition coated black resin dye and bonding treatment

Mesh Size: 1″

Installation Height: Ranging from 30′ to 75′ high using wood poles


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