USC Dedeaux Field

Location: Los Angeles, CA

You take great pride in your field.


Clean it up and have your netting as clean and pristine as the rest of the field. Look at the difference between a local contractor and a professional installation by Judge Netting. Our installtion uses fewer poles and these are 80’ tall galvanized steel poles installed at the University of California Dedeaux Field. This installation first had to be approved by arguably the most difficult building department in the United States, the City of Los Angele LADBS. Notice the difference in the look, the tight net and cable, plumb poles, and clean look. Erected to protect the tennis courts adjacent to left field and the new swim Stadium along the right field line. On time, approved, and professionally installed by Judge Netting Crews.

Judge Netting Installation


Local Contractor Installation (Not Judge Netting) – See the difference!