Tag: Sports Netting & Barriers

Golden hour sunlight bathes the University of Berkeley baseball field, highlighting the curve of safety netting and the surrounding stadium infrastructure.

University of Berkeley- Baseball Stadium Backstop & Netting

Client: UC Berkeley Location: Frank Schlessinger Way. Berkely, CA 94720 Netting Type: Backstop & Safety Netting Duration: 2 weeks Spectator Experience and Safety At Judge Netting, we are proud to have completed a significant upgrade to the baseball stadium at the prestigious University of California, Berkeley. Our project involved the removal of an old, multi-pole [...]
An outdoor batting cage with industrial netting setup in a mountainous park area, featuring nearby benches and yellow barricades.

The Ranch at Laguna Beach

The Ranch at Laguna Beach had a very old driving cage and limited room. Judge netting was able to expand the space and install a driving cage that will last for generations to come.

Judge Netting Barrier Specialists: A barrier with red and yellow stripes.

Bobby Bonds Soccer Complex

When the Bobby Bonds Soccer Complex in Riverside, California needed a strong, reliable, sports netting to be constructed, Judge Netting did not take the task lightly…

Empty baseball field with overgrown grass, show cages near the left, and tall palm trees under a clear blue sky.

Azusa Pacific University

Judge Netting has provided construction on a new protective Sports Netting around Azusa Pacific University football field in San Dimas, California. Constructed from…

Judge Netting Barrier Specialists: A baseball field with a net used for landfill netting barriers and protecting the golf course.

CSU, Bakersfield

Judge Netting designed & installed this effective tie-back system, for the baseball field at Cal State in Bakersfield, California. Tie-back systems…

Three baseball players training on a sunny day at a local field with empty red bleachers and sturdy industrial netting in the background.

CSU, Northridge

Cal State Northridge is a campus of the California State University system. It was founded first as the Valley satellite campus of Cal State Los Angeles…