Tag: Industrial Netting

An industrial site with piles of wood chips, metal constructions, and industrial netting covered storage areas under a cloudy sky.

Weyerhauser, Columbia Falls, MT.

Our customer Weyerhauser called us to replace some damaged dust screen panels at their Medium Density Fiberboard plant in Columbia falls, MT. It was a challenging job because of the inclement weather, but the customer was very pleased with the end product.

A yellow wheel loader moving trash in a waste management facility, with landfill netting surrounding the area and various debris scattered around under a roof.

East Stockton Transfer Station; Stockton, CA

The East Stockton Recycling Center and Transfer station is a transfer and recycling station for trash, and had been located at this location for decades. Encroaching development, increasingly strict regulation from the City of Stockton, and environmental issues necessitated the complete enclosure of the sorting area of this facility. Judge Netting worked with this family […]

Industrial site with storage silos, industrial netting covering construction materials, and a concrete building under clear skies.

Cal Portland Cement Colton CA

Possibly the tallest dust containment barrier in the United States. 75’ tall engineered and permitted to help comply with strict California Air Quality Control Board Standards containing the Clinker Storage dust. Foundations for this project are 32’ deep with a design for 90 mph winds. There is also a 30’ haul road barrier constructed here […]

Long view alongside a tall, weathered industrial netting fencing an industrial site, with foliage on the left and clear sky above.

Rio Bravo Generating Station’s Fresno and Rocklin CA

The Rio Bravo Generating Station is co-generation facility producing electricity from natural agriculture by-products. Subsequent to construction of a glass production facility adjacent and Casino adjacent to the properties, dust containment became an absolute necessity. A 40 foot high dust containment barrier was constructed to prevent the dust from leaving the site and entering the […]

A large industrial cooling tower made of industrial netting, with visible internal structures and machinery at the base.

Z-best Products; Gilroy, CA

Z-best products in Gilroy Ca. is a composting/green waste/ recycling center. To prevent Air borne debris from leaving the site a 40 foot high wind screen was constructed up wind from the processing conveyor and related equipment. This preventive measure was initiated to deflect the wind and prevent debris from ever becoming airborne. The poles […]